KNPNT a brief overview

KNPNT…brief background profile

KNPNT started in 1996 as Knooppunt Uitzendbureau, a temping agency in the area of Arnhem – Nijmegen area in the East of The Netherlands, also known as; “Knooppunt Arnhem-Nijmegen, hence the name “Knooppunt”. Knooppunt focused on a new way of temping with a genuine interest in long term employment opportunities for its temporary employees. The agency operated mainly in technical and production related positions for small to medium sized companies.

In 2008 the company was handed over within the family to its current management;  Frans Hoekman whom had just returned from a 15 years stay in Central and Eastern Europe, where he had regional responsibilities for the worldwide operating Talent Management and Search company; “Hudson”.

KNPNT Mission Statement

To be the recognized significant source for strategic people for sustainable food industries in our market.

  1. Focus on sustainable food industry
  2. In depth knowledge our markets
  3. Specialized Consultants with a background in their area

The traditional food industry is pivoting towards a more plant based and sustainable product offering responding to the corresponding consumer demand.

There is a shift in new product development and production of new and sustainable food types which are more plant based.

Simultaneously new production processes are focused on a more efficient use of resources and a better flow in the production chain from sourcing to distribution. Consequently Supply Chain processes  are developing and enabled with a more fluent data integration whilst the highest quality standards must be upheld.

The Netherlands food industry is traditionally a worldwide operating hub in food production, export and trade with renowned food educational network and is also a frontrunner in sustainable food production and worldwide distribution. To enter and develop these markets with new offerings it is essential to have the best Sales & Marketing professionals, also to keep momentum in a fast International development.

KNPNT offers “on par” and specialized sustainable food related industry knowledge in Food Technology, Supply Chain, Business- and Quality management connected to available professionals or timely consultancy in their relevant markets and vocational area to help its Clients better execute their strategy.